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Forgotten password

If you remember your password, but the system notifies you that your password isinvalid, try to check your keyboardwhether the Caps Lock key is on or if the Shift key is sunken.

However, if all the attempts to login fail, try to setup your new password in the two following steps.

1st step - Sending verification code

Enter your user ID (Portal ID) into the following form. In case you forgot even your user ID, enter the e-mail address you used when you signed up. Click on the Continue button, an e-mail containing the verification code will be sent to you.

User ID (or e-mail)

2nd step - Setting up a new password using a verification code

Once you have received the e-mail message, fill in the verification code to the following form (you can copy and paste the code) as well as your User ID. Type in a new password and then click on the button Setup a new password. If you have done everything correctly, your password is changed and you can log in. Notice: The verification code is valid only on the day of its e-mail delivery.

User ID
Verification code
New password
Confirmation of the new password